Private Club Performance Management has been created to provide a wide range of operational resources on topics covering leadership, organizational values, organization structure, management disciplines, and training. All the materials are the creation of Ed Rehkopf, a retired hospitality executive with over 35 years of management experience in hotels, a resort, and private clubs, including multiple start-ups and turnarounds. Given the single authorship of the PCPM materials, they provide a highly integrated approach to organizing and operating high-performing clubs.

The body of work on this Marketplace store, encompasses a wide-ranging body of knowledge and information that would helpful to those starting out in entry level leadership positions, those in mid-career wishing to increase their skill set, and senior executives looking for a comprehensive set of tools train and educate their subordinate leaders. The most frequent comment heard from readers is, "I wish something like this was available when I was starting out." 

The Resource Catalogue includes Professional Development, Operational Resources, and Training Resources.  All but a few resources are sold in digital copy, delivered to the purchases inbox within 48 hours of purchase. 

Purchasers are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for improved products, especially in the formatting and use of training materials.