Performance Management - An Essential Discipline of Success
Ed Rehkopf

Performance Management - An Essential Discipline of Success

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The Three Cycles of Performance Management:  Since every department has its own manager or director with the distinct expertise and skill set to succeed in her unique enterprise, the general manager has the challenge and opportunity to direct these different business units to achieve the centralized set of goals.  To achieve this alignment or unity of effort the general manager must paint a clear vision of how the organization will perform and interact with members.  She must also define and continually reinforce organizational values and culture, while providing clear expectations for each department’s performance.

Without this effort to clarify, unify, and integrate departmental operations, the club operates as separate businesses, each with its own standards and each interacting with members according to the dictates and example of its enterprise leader.  This then is where the general manager has the major task of optimizing and reviewing the ongoing operations of the business units. 

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