Readings in Leadership and Management 1
Ed Rehkopf

Readings in Leadership and Management 1

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How does a leader go about ensuring good morale within his or her team?  First and foremost, are the requirements of service-based leadership – of the need to communicate well with the team; of interacting daily with team members and providing direction; listening to and addressing their concerns; providing the tools, resources, training, and support for employees to do their jobs well.  Beyond that is the need to recognize the ultimate value of people and act on that principle; to be an active and engaged manager; to treat all employees with dignity and respect; to lead by example and address concerns promptly; to ensure closure on issues; and to be open and approachable to employees.

When all these things are done conscientiously and consistently by the leader, good morale is a natural by-product.  By focusing on being the best service-based leader you can be, morale and its attendant group enthusiasm and good cheer will come naturally.

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