The Case for a Food and Beverage Analyst
Ed Rehkopf

The Case for a Food and Beverage Analyst

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Since variety and uncertainty is an inherent part of the food service landscape, managers must possess a deep understanding of the most significant variables and make informed judgments regarding their impact on daily operations.  Only by doing this conscientiously on an ongoing basis can managers have any hope of meeting expectations of quality, service, and performance.

What makes this especially challenging is the sheer volume of moving parts that must be monitored and managed in a people- and detail-intensive business.  In the ongoing rush of operational requirements what often gets short-changed by busy managers is the ongoing tracking and analysis of the variables that underlie and impact operational performance.

A solution to this all-too common problem is to employ a food and beverage analyst who is tasked with monitoring and reporting of key measures and processes to ensure the efficiency of operations.

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